5 year extended warranty

Our extended 5-year warranty lets you charge your vehicle with peace of mind. If a problem occurs during the first 5 years of use, we will exchange your station for a new one or repair it free of charge.
Our 5-year protection

What is covered:

The replacement or repair of charging stations purchased from Indigo Charge which are covered by the warranty purchased by the customer. The charging station must have been installed by a master electrician holding a valid RBQ license (supporting invoice).

What is not covered:

Cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents, normal aging, installation, alteration, modification or relocation of the charging station that has not been
approved by a master electrician. Damage resulting from a power surge.


If, during the first 5 years of using your station covered by your protection plan, you realize that your charging station is defective, contact customer service at
(514) 595-9595 or toinfo@indigocharge.com