Volthium - 12V 100Ah PRO Battery
Volthium - 12V 100Ah PRO Battery
Volthium - 12V 100Ah PRO Battery
Volthium - 12V 100Ah PRO Battery
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Volthium - 12V 100Ah PRO Battery

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  • 27lbs weight
  • On/Off button
  • Cold charge protection
  • Self-heating system
  • 10-year limited warranty


The 12V 100AH - Pro Series is the flagship of Volthium technology. It features an ultra-performing BMS, an On/Off button, a self-heating system, a cooling system, as well as integrated Bluetooth functionality (2 communication ports), all in an ultra-compact and lightweight Group 27 format certified IP67.

With its ultra-performing BMS, this battery can start your boat's gas engines (starting current 800) and also serve as a deep discharge battery.

The integrated cooling plate helps dissipate the battery's heat generated during high-intensity use, preventing the battery from entering high-heat protection mode.

Perfectly suited for the nautical world with its IP67 certification, CSA Al1973 certification, compliant with ABYC standards. Programmable visual and audible alert.

Additionally, this battery also includes our alternator protection technology. Our brand-new integrated alternator protection technology allows for deactivation of incoming charge when the current exceeds the designated threshold in the mobile application. This protects the alternator's integrity while making installation as user-friendly as possible. The alternator protection must be activated and configured in the "Volthium Pro Series" application. It is important to note that integrating a DC-DC regulator would offer the benefit of continuous recharging, preventing an involuntary shutdown if a limit is exceeded.

Volthium's Pro Series allows customers to activate alternator protection technology. With this new feature, users can now easily install their battery without having to pay for accessories like the DC-DC Regulator, traditionally required for alternator protection, nor for labor and a lithium-compatible battery monitor.

For the RV featured in the Ready for the Road video, the protection has been limited to 70A. This means that if the current produced by the alternator exceeds 70A, the battery would reject the excess 10 seconds after surpassing the threshold set in the mobile application. To determine the appropriate threshold, consult a RV electrical professional or contact the Volthium team. This is the only lithium battery on the market that will preserve the warranty of your boat engine.

This model includes cold charge protection and provides 2x more energy than a traditional lead-acid battery.

Easy and quick to install without the need for a professional! It is 2X LIGHTER than a conventional battery and offers a shorter charging time and energy capacity that does not diminish over the years.

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