Volthium - Battery 12V 150Ah
Volthium - Battery 12V 150Ah
Volthium - Battery 12V 150Ah
Volthium - Battery 12V 150Ah
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Volthium - Battery 12V 150Ah

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  • Weight of 98lbs
  • Access to BMS (reserved room)
  • Protection against cold charge
  • Quebec engineering
  • 10-year limited warranty


The 51.2V 100Ah ABS Battery in 8D format from Volthium is specially designed for boat customers equipped with inverters, such as sailboats or for motorized vehicles, cottages, and houses. Volthium 51.2V 100AH Batteries, with or without integrated heating system, are equipped with MODBUS and CANBUS communication protocols. They communicate with Schneider, Victron, Solark inverters. In addition, these batteries meet ABYC standards, including clause E-13, related to communication.

Indeed, the battery integrates communication allowing the customer to set an audible and visual alert before the batteries go into protection. With their cell phone and the Volthium Monitor application, the customer can set an alert for a specific %SOC of their choice, in addition to setting a warning alert for high temperature and low temperature. This feature is available on several Volthium Batteries. Furthermore, the cells of the 51.2V 100AH Volthium battery are CSA UL 1973 certified.

These batteries have the particularity of having an accessible and reserved room for the BMS. This makes them repairable if needed and helps extend the lifespan of the cells by limiting the transmission of heat to them. Additionally, a private room helps increase the usable temperature range of these batteries.

This new generation of batteries is also equipped with a stainless steel button that allows for discharge deactivation. The battery is also equipped with an incoming charge current regulator (DC-DC @ 9Amp). A Soft Start to precharge capacitors is also integrated.

Not only does this LiFePO4 accumulator resist vibrations, but it has a discharge range superior to the competition. In fact, this battery can be discharged down to -25 degrees, instead of -20 degrees for the competition. And if you opt for the self-heating version, it can be recharged down to -40 degrees. This innovation is possible because the cells in Volthium batteries come from the automotive industry.

The core of the BMS is produced by the American company Texas Instruments. This BMS microcontroller manufacturer is globally recognized in the field of electric vehicles, and is known for its long-standing collaboration with NASA and the US military. The programming and communication protocols are fully developed by our engineers in Quebec.

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