We offer professional installation service. All our charging stations are installed and tested by a certified master electrician.

Our partners are master electricians certified * by Indigo Charge for the sale and installation of charging stations. Save time and opt for peace of mind by trusting our specialists for this step.

*Tous les maîtres électriciens recommandés par Indigo Charge sont membres de la Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec et détiennent une expertise dans le domaine des bornes de recharges et des panneaux solaires - All master electricians recommended by Indigo Charge are members of the Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec and have expertise in the field of charging stations and solar panels.

Installation of residential and commercial charging stations

Our team of specialists has the skills required for all your types of installations. In addition, we are constantly adapting our practices and working methods to the rhythm of new technologies. Installing a charging station is an important and rigorous step that must be carried out by an expert at all times.

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